The Introverted Cyclist’s Guide to Coronavirus

Listen. Shit sucks right now. There’s no denying it. I have a lot of mixed emotions about what’s going on. Do I stay inside? Do I go outside but only go out alone? Do I ride my bike knowing there’s a possibility I could crash and need to go to the hospital where I may take a bed from someone else who needs it? Are we about to go into a depression? How bad will it be? Is my job safe? When will I be able to race again? Will they cancel Leadville 100? Will Toast run out of business? Am I supposed to just take time and rest or am I supposed to take this extra downtime and be super productive? When can I go to the grocery store? Should I be saving money right now or should I continue to act like we are not about to go into a recession?

Ride your bike but only ride with the people in your household.

“Flattening the curve” only works if we ALL abide by it. So this means not sending a group text to everyone to go out on a bike ride. Sure, sometimes riding alone sucks. I like riding with people when I go outside.

But you know what’s awesome? Zwift.

You can do workouts, meet up with Zwift friends, or compete in a Zwift race. Pop on to their app and you’ll see an event every 20 or so minutes.

At-Home Fitness

There are some days when I don’t want to deal with the people in the gym. There are other days, like now, where I have no choice but to work out at home.

Take this time to work on what you neglect


I know a lot of cyclists who don’t do core work. And it’s absolutely key to strong bike performance. Start doing core work every day. As I mentioned above, planks are great bodyweight exercises. There are a ton of variations of the plank too if you get bored. In addition to the plank, you can continue to make your core exercises harder through this time and come out with a sturdy core.

Stretching/foam rolling

Again, I know plenty of people who are athletes that skip stretching and foam rolling. Overactive muscles will wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Your performance suffers when you have overactive and underactive muscles. Part of resolving an overactive muscle is stretching and foam rolling.


Now’s a great time to work on balance as well, which really ends up helping your core too. Single leg exercises are great to promote balance work. I really like single-leg squats but there a ton of things you can do.

Read books (or magazines) about your sport

Want to learn how to improve on the bike, run, swim, etc.? Start reading about it. I’ve learned a lot about cycling just by reading books published by experts. Then I put what they say into practice and tweak it to my liking. Here are some books that I recommend:

Crosstrain with only the people in your household

Or even try something new. We don’t have to look at this situation as the end of our season that never started. We can try something new. Have you ever ran on a trail? Give it a try.

Watch videos of your sport

Red Bull TV has some wicked cool videos you can watch online.

We’re all going to be okay

One more reminder, in case you haven’t read it enough: we’re going to be okay.

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