The Rapha Festive 500 is a challenge to ride 500 kilometers (310 miles) between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I’ve never actually completed the Rapha Festive 500, sometimes for good reason and sometimes not.

For a long while, the miles only “counted” if you rode outside because, of course…

Pulling up my stretchy pants I bought from Old Navy years ago (you know, the kind with the thick waistband that nearly covers your belly button, but always rolls back down if you bend over too far), and I watch my stomach get caught on the waistband.

A muffin top…

It wasn’t until I was in the back of Kelly’s car as she zipped through the winding roads of Cuchara that I realized something was wrong.

I got such bad car sickness that I felt car sick for five days after that. And normally, I’m fine in cars. I hate…

what is the point in all this?

in any of this?

why do we set alarms

to give a piece of ourselves


just to make money

and we do it the next day

and the






why does coffee never stay hot

and water warms…

Jessica McWhirt

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